Wood Smoked Beef


Smoked fillet of grain-fed yearling Beef. Lovely marbling and texture makes this a sublime addition to nibble on with cheese and crackers. Great when used in fresh salads or on sandwiches.

Ingredients: Beef, Salt, Garlic, Herbs & Spices

Curing Agents: Starter Culture E250, Naturally Occurring E251

Sold by the piece, minimum size is 300gms.

Nutritional Content
Serving Size 50g Avg. Qty per serving Avg. Qty per 100g
Energy 495kj 990kj
Protein 29.6g 49.2g
Fat, Total* 2.15g 4.3g
Fat, Saturated <1g <1g
Carbohydrate <1g <1g
- Sugars <1g <1g
Sodium 750 1500

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