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Traditionally Crafted Australian Salami

We are a local producer of fermented dried meats made from local produce. We only use selected premium meats which adds to our quality and guarantee.

Nothing is artificially treated, instead an all-natural process is used to achieve a beautiful tasting product.

We only salt cure our products and use starter culture to get the process started. Glutens and preservatives are not used in any part of our process or products.




“Hi Richard

Usually I don’t do feedbacks about anything, however. I probably come from a similar part of the world like your father. My mother’s uncle was for years a winner of the best Kulen of what was then called former Yugoslavia. So in my time I tried  a lot of high quality smoked products.

After 23 years in Australia I always struggled finding that level of quality that is just another few steps above  from what others call quality. And finally here you are.

Well done mate.”

Alex M



Backa Products are all Gluten Free, Keto Friendly and made from top quality meats. All orders of $75 or more receive Free Shipping.


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